Orchestra Tours

Instrumental music orchestras played an integral part for the marching soldiers on their way to the battlefield. During the times of the Great Duchy of Lithuania a personal orchestra was a must have for each highborn family. The purpose of this was not only to grandstand, but also to have an comfortable access to the beauty whenever they would want to.

Throughout a year plenty of instrumental music events take a place in the Baltics. This huge amount expresses the unfading importance of music itself in the lives of the local people. Concert halls, churches and other venues are always crowded with the intellectual and highly educated audiences, understanding the true value of music. They would love to get a chance to hear you too.

Each of the inquiry we receive is peculiar and unique. Proper customization of the tour requires an accurate and detailed study of your ideas and preferences, type of the music, level of professionalism, average age of group members and the target budget. Only then appropriate tour proposals can be provided.

Music Travel Baltics encourages you to forget about traveling difficulties and get all the things arranged before your arrival. We take care of event organization, research on performance venues, rental of musical instruments, advertising campaign set-up and anything else what is required.

Choose a suitable and charming venue varying from the philharmonic halls in the major cities to the community centers in local towns and villages and simply take over a place with your music. We kindly invite your orchestra to come to the Baltics.

Let us customize a unique itinerary for you or choose from our ready-made orchestra tour packages for the Baltic region.