Majestic Nordic Brush

Why go South? Discover the North!

A majority of travellers would rather head South than the North. But the North is so enchanting… Forget all the myths and stereotypes – experience it yourself. This tour perfectly combines charming finnish minimalism with the unconquerable medieval fortifications in Tallinn and the undying glory of Russian Empire in Saint Petersburg. Indeed, there is a reason, why it is being called the Northern Venice.

Just imagine yourself walking throughout the mind blowingly marvelous halls of the Winter Palace with its’ priceless collection of art…Wandering in Helsinki inside the Church of Rock, providing one of strongest acoustics around the world. Have 3 passionate performances with your group at these severely beautiful Nordic capitals and gain  a memory that goes beyond the price. And this is just the tiniest part of treasures the North has.

Tour details


3 in Helsinki, Tallinn, Saint Petersburg

Tour Highlights

  • Unlock the North: Estonia, Finland, Russia
  • Capitals on the shore of Baltic Sea: Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg
  • The Sibelius monument, dedicated for great finnish composer
  • Church of Rock in Helsinki which will give you goose bumps
  • Ferry boat trip through the Baltic Sea
  • Ethnographic Open-air Museum Rocca el Mare in Estonia
  • Breath-taking glory of the Winter Palace
  • Museum of Hermitage with 2,7 million art items
  • Triumphant Peterhof Palace near Saint Petersburg
  • Real taste of the Northern performance