Classic Baltics and The Grand Saint Petersburg

Revive your emotions with something fresh and extraordinary.

Witness the delicate splendour of the Baltic States, visiting Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Allow yourself to walk through their scenic old towns and you would feel as reading a book of art history.

Lithuanian capital Vilnius is a king of baroque in Europe. Nowhere else this subtle architectural style is revealed better. Latvian Riga  still recalls the times of hanseatic traders and echoes with the harbour noise while Tallinn straight brings you back to the Middle Ages. In addition to this, you are going to visit a pearl of the North – Saint Petersburg. It is so easy to fall in love with that city, while crossing its’ bridges over the endless canals and adoring the passion of its’ builders. This itinerary includes the joy of 4 well organized performances and full halls with thirsty audiences. Who would miss a chance to perform at the artistic capital of Russia – Saint Petersburg?

Tour details


4 in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg

Tour Highlights

  • Four historically interconnected countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia
  • Timeless capitals of the Eastern Europe
  • Ensemble of gothic architecture in Vilnius
  • Must see site for all pilgrims – the Hill of Crosses
  • A few hours of aesthetics at Rundale’s Palace
  • Reading the walls in Art Nouveau district of Riga
  • Sigulda castle’s ruins at the Gauja’s National Park
  • Summer vacation resort of Estonia – Pärnu
  • Precise glory of the Winter Palace
  • Museum of Heritage – the best art pieces at one place
  • The Russian Versailles – Peterhof palace
  • Everlasting performance experiences at four capital cities