I am glad we went into the countries, where choral music is highly appreciated and loved. It was really amazing to be able to perform in places such as castles and baroque churches. We were able to connect with the audiences and erase any language barriers just by being able to share the music. Moreover, we had interactions with other choirs and that was excellent and rewarding. Our choir truly enjoyed cultural sites of Northern Europe, had 6 performances at completely diverse venues and impressed many audiences. I love seeing new places, but I am sure I would love to come back to these ones also.

Brad Holmes
Milikin University Choir, USA      
The balance between sightseeing and music was extremely good. First and last our performances were warmly received, especially in Vilnius. Riga was a little flatter in terms of atmosphere, but this may be explained that Latvian people are a bit more reserved. Nevertheless, it was a high quality of singing at all the concerts. Organization of a tour was simply brilliant. Timings were good and plans were right. Music Travel Baltics did their homework and was imaginatively and thoughtfully dealing with appeal of range of tastes in terms of sightseeing. Flexibility was appreciated as well. For example, we wanted to spend less time outside due to the low temperature, so a new plan was immediately altered.  To sum up, service was professional and hotels were nice, so there is nothing left, but to recommend this experience!

Alison Benton
Vasari Singers, UK  

As a performance tour company for over than forty years I have worked with many inbound operators all over the world. Music Travel Baltics is right on top of my list for several reasons. Nearly anyone can operate a tour for tourists. But when you add the dimension of performances, the challenges increase tenfold. Music Travel Baltics shines with comprehension in the area of performance organization and promotion, so that the customers come home happy with the venues and audiences.

This enterprise truly understands the critical value of communication and I give them strong 10 points for that.  Moreover, a company was really flexible and reasonable while pricing a student tour. I see it as their strength factor. Once the group is on the road, it is the job of our inbound operator to provide the service that we promise to our clients. So, again Music Travel Baltics comes through to make us look like heroes to our clients.

Yip's children's choir (Honk Kong) tour to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Viljandi, Riga, Klaipeda, Vilnius, Warsaw, Krakow

Performance videos

It was a great tour. We had very warm welcomes, keen audiences and just cannot resist highly recommending Lithuania. The audiences started arriving at least an hour before the concerts started and some places, where we played, had standing room only, so all the side chapels and chancel areas were full to bursting. We had a few problems adjusting the sound and temperature inside a single venue, but these were only minor things. On the final day we had the woodland adventure and it was fantastic with aplenty adrenalin rushes. All the meals and restaurants were just high standard. Especially the ones by the beautiful lakeside and forest settings…Also, the shopping was amazingly good value.

Jonathan Holmes
Emanuel School Choir, UK
It was a lovely experience. Our concert went beautifully. The hall was packed with the enthusiastic audience. Music Travel Baltics’ organization and promotion campaign was the core. Especially, we loved our guides in Tallinn, no doubts they were the best of the overall tour.

Chenny Gan
Junior Chamber Music, USA

Tours to Helsinki and Tallinn

Performance Video

It was a wonderful tour and the great introduction to the Baltic States. Our choir was received with the high praise from the attendees in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Following the performance in Tallinn, the choir was described as “truly magnificent”. I must confess, we loved every minute of our time and I really have one or two ideas about the possible return…

Michael Leighton Jones
Trinity College Choir, Australia
Mastersingers USA had a fabulous tour of the Baltic States and St. Petersburg . We began with a concert in St. Catherine’s Church in Vilnius, along with the Azuoliukas Choir, sang high mass in St. Anne’s Church, then sang concerts in Latvia at the Riga Dom Cathedral (with the Frachori Choir) and in the small village of Dikli with the local Imanta group. One of the most moving experiences was singing “Mu isamaa, on minu arm,” the signature song of the Tallinn Song Festival, alongside Estonian singers at the Kaarli Church in Tallinn. On our last night we sang a 4th of July concert at the Lutheran Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the center of St. Petersburg. In the midst of all our rehearsals and concerts, we got to enjoy sightseeing in the 4 main cities and even visit Trakai, the Hill of Crosses, Pärnu, Estonia’s summer resort, and Peterhof and the Hermitage. Everywhere we were greeted warmly, and the accommodations, tours, and transportation went off without a hitch. As this is a large men’s choir of adults and professionals with high standards, it’s quite remarkable that everyone was happy and had no complaints!

Kevin Moss
Mastersingers USA