Classic Baltics and The Modern Helsinki

Combine your Baltic experience with a touch of Nordic spirit.

Plunge into the magical atmosphere of less explored European capitals. Obtain highly remarkable travel memories, visiting secluded castles, inspiring churches, heavenly palaces, exceptional monuments, charming sightseeing sites, meeting living legends and discovering distinct but yet so close cultures and pasts.

Circuit these jewels of the Baltic sea not only to enrich your knowledge and awake your senses, but also choose the most delightful venues for your performances. Get easily inspired by the local and guest audiences and their special taste in music. We assure you that this experience will overcome your expectations.

Tour details


4 in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki

Tour Highlights

  • Four sister countries of the Baltics: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland.
  • All the charming sides of Vilnius
  • Highlight for pilgrims – The Gates of Dawn in Vilnius
  • Counting the items at the Hill of Crosses
  • Italian style in Latvia – Rundale’s Palace
  • Wonders of mystic Tallinn
  • Helsinki – a touch of simplicity and modernity
  • Sigulda and Turaida castle ruins within Gauja’s National Park
  • Ferry boat trip through the Baltic Sea
  • Memorable and extravagant performances at four beautiful capital cities