Singing Classical Baltics

Plunge into the enchanting European beauty.

Give a chance to the least discovered region in Europe to surprise you. Region of the Baltic States might be small in square meters, but is thriving with the things to propose. Not only it ensures with a selection of extravagant venues varying from perfectly acoustic churches to the spacious performance halls and cultural factories, but also extremely vivid and enthusiastic audiences to hear you.

Baltics call you to discover three different countries, their diverse histories, delightful national cuisines, busy cultural and local daily lives. Witness the magic of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – adorable, but underestimated travel destinations!  

Tour details


3 in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.

Tour highlights

  • Three fresh destinations: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Majestic and well preserved Old Towns of the Baltic States
  • The former jewish ghettos in Vilnius
  • Enchanting Hill of Crosses on the way to Riga
  • Stunning masterpiece of architecture – Rundale’s Palace
  • Curvy lines of Art Nouveau style district in Riga
  • Overwhelming Latvian National Park of Gauja with a few hidden sites
  • Summer’s city break of Estonia – Pärnu
  • Tallinn Song Festival grounds
  • Magnificent performance experience