Choir Tours

Singing is deeply rooted in the culture of the Baltics. This genuine tradition dates back to the pre-christian period of the region’s past. In XIX century gathering of the local choirs became one of the most powerful ways in search of ethnic self-awareness and national identity.

It was estimated that half of a region’s population belongs to some kind of choir. Moreover, choral and other musical performances still are the ones to assemble people and provide with the strong sense of belonging.

Baltic States are the exact place to hold your musical event if you are keen of the extravagant sites. There are numerous of stunningly acoustical churches, charming manors, picturesque palaces, severe castles and a diversity of open stages to perform. Each group of artists will find something to meet its needs.

Music Travel Baltics aims to hear your ideas that others might call unrealistic. We take into account a musical genre you perform, level of professionalism, average age of your group members, target budget, special preferences and get back to you with the best proposal. Our company will be there for you from the initial tour customization process to it’s complete fulfillment.

We highly recommend you to consider a possibility of joint performances with local choirs and registration for the international choral festivals and contests. It is a unique opportunity to explore indigenous culture and make a life long relationships with the locals.

Let us customize a unique itinerary for you or choose from our ready-made choir tour packages for the Baltic region.

Performance tour to the Baltic region will definitely spice up your overall travel experience. Look through our carefully designed itineraries and find something completely meeting your needs! Are you ready to be heard by the cheerful audiences of the Baltics?