Tallinn In A Nutshell

From XIII century for the trading world Tallinn was known as Reval. Then, in 1917 capital’s name has been changed into Tallinn. Middle ages was the time, when it has started thriving and building up as an important harbor on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Nowadays every brick in this delightful city speaks about its’ ancienty.

City’s Old Town is surrounded by the bastion with 26 defence towers, so it still feels as walking in the fortress. Tallinn is a perfect mixture of Eastern European as well as Nordic country. Arrivals of any nationality find there an overwhelming cultural life, plenty of crowded pubs, bars and high quality restaurants, amazing shopping facilities and, of course, the outstanding beauty itself. Spend there a weekend at least and you will come back for more.

Tour details

Tour Highlights

  • ndelible legends of Toompea castle fortifications
  • City’s Town Hall and the its’ spacious square
  • Climbing up the City Wall and its’ three towers
  • One of the oldest pharmacies in the world
  • Captivating Parliament Building
  • The Dome Church of XIII century
  • Orthodox and Lutheran Cathedrals
  • Bazaar Square
  • Merchant Guild Houses
  • Lofty St. Olav’s Church
  • Busy harbour environment
  • Enchanting panoramas from the hills inside the city